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UNIQUE by Lumma menstrual disk with stem

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Product description

Menstrual cup/disk "UNIQUE" Designed by "LUMMA" in Brazil
Made in Brazil
100% medical grade silicone

High, medium, low cervix
Color: clear, unicorn multicolor

The UNIQUE pack contains

One menstrual disc UNIQUE by LUMMA.
One flat and round shape silicone case
Detailed user manual.

UNIQUE is an innovatory flat fit design reusable menstrual disc with a silicone string incorporated to it's rim. UNIQUE has a soft, flexible and completely round rim designed to fit perfectly into the round walls of the vaginal canal to give it a good seal therefor prevent any leakage.

- Comes in three sizes for high, medium or low cervix.
- Mess-free period sex due to the unique positioning.
- The 6cm silicone removal string is an exclusive patented design by Lumma and was designed to overcome the difficulties in removing a menstrual disc.
- unlike menstrual cups, UNIQUE does not depend on suction to stay in place. You won't feel it during use.
- Offers protection for light, medium and heavy menstrual flows.
- May be used for up to 12 consecutive hours.

Insertion: Squeeze the UNIQUE rim in the middle to form an "8" shape. Maintain the string in the front and insert the UNIQUE disc into the vaginal canal until you feel that it's positioned under your cervix. Then push slightly up the front of the rim to fix it behind the pubic bone.
Removal: Grab the small ball at the tip of the string and pull the disk slowly out. The UNIQUE rim will slip off the pubic bone and lineup with the entrance of the vagina. You just have to push it out and remove. By using the string it won't be necessary to insert your finger to unhook the rim at removal. You just have to hold the small ball at the top of the string and pull it out gently. It's that simple and easy.


UNIQUE “G”, for high cervix.
Diameter : 6,8 cm
Capacity : 60 ml
Silicone string : 6 cm

UNIQUE “M”, for medium cervix.
Diameter : 6,3 cm
Capacity : 55 ml
Silicone string : 6 cm

UNIQUE “P”, for low cervix.
Diameter : 5,3 cm
Capacity : 30 ml
Silicone string : 6 cm


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Who is behind UNIQUE by LUMMA

UNIQUE is a Brazilian brand for menstrual reusable silicone discs owned by the company LUMMA. We are part of the Brazilian group PROMILLUS which was established in 1991 and is specialized in silicone products for breastfeeding and babies. In 2011 we started to produce some models of Menstrual cups. In 2018 and after having studied the market and mainly the women's claims and difficulties in using the traditional menstrual cups, we designed the UNIQUE model. It's the first worldwide round shape reusable menstrual disc in three sizes, with a silicone string. Hoping that this UNIQUE model may be good for any cervix size, independently of women's age.

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