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Menstrual cups and public bathrooms - It's not that hard!

Changing a menstrual cup in public bathrooms is not that hard! "Yea but what if the public toilet doesn't have a sink inside, how can I empty it then? I can't go out with bloody fingers and pants around my ankles!" Indeed you can't...When women hear about menstrual cups for the first time, the first concern that usually comes up right after: "Ho my God that thing is so big" is "How do you do empty your cup in public bathrooms?" So let's talk about menstrual cups and public bathrooms once and for all. ... [Read more]

My 3 favourite menstrual cup video ads

1 - Oh No I'm Getting My Period!
by Princess Superstar ft. Lunette Menstrual Cup.

The finnish menstrual cup brand strikes again with a fun video ad for the menstrual cup Lunette. I can't stop laughing at her lady gaga hip hop style going on about her VajayJayjay. The part in the pool and her face expressions is just too funny.
Get the Lunette menstrual cup for 28

2 - Tampon vs. Mooncup Rap Battle
by Love your Vagina productions

Brilliant rap battle with catchy lyrics and great performers. "Mooncup's here to stay, no strings attached". This video went viral in 2013 and I can still watch it over and over.
Get the Mooncup UK menstrual cup for 19.99 ... [Read more]

Yoni eggs guide for dummies

Yoni Eggs have been used in Eastern cultures for centuries by the most in-tuned women who knew that keeping good female wellness is the key to universal wellbeing. Want to experience all the pleasure you are capable of? ... [Read more]

The Undeniable Health Risks Of Tampons & The Most Effective Natural Alternatives

Handling menstrual flow is something that every women from every country and background has to deal with. Papyrus was first used in ancient Egypt, then reusable sanitary belts, and after that disposable pads. Most of these inventions had limited effectiveness until tampons were developed in the 1930?s which revolutionized feminine hygiene. Recent research though has shown that tampons can be dangerous for a woman�s health. In this article I am going to look into the health risks of tampons and explore the healthy alternatives to the "little rocket". ... [Read more]

What can your menstrual blood tell you about your health?

Did you know that the features of your monthly period can actually tell you a lot about your state of health? No? Well, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes this release of bodily fluids as a tremendous source of information as to what is going on in your body and energy systems. By keeping track of the cycle, as well as noting what the blood is actually like, a woman can find out a whole load of useful information and from that information she can correct any imbalances in her system. ... [Read more]

6 remedies to get rid of bad vaginal odor

Vaginal odor is a very common problem that most women have to deal every now and then. It can be caused by a number of reasons, such as bacterial growth, yeast infections, poor hygiene, hormonal changes, and sexually transmitted diseases. If the problem is due to infection, there may be symptoms like redness, itching, burning and irritation in the vaginal area. Fishy odor down there, in particular, is caused by bacterial vaginosis. In that case those remedies also help but you should look further into it.

Did you know?

For instant relief from itching, pain and burning and to relieve the inflammation take an ice cube and apply on the vagina. This will offer immediate relief from vaginitis due to the cool and numbing sensation that comes with application of ice.

Read the top 6 natural remedies to get rid of vaginal odor with very simple ingredients.

#1: Apple Cider Vinegar

Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, apple cider vinegar can be used ... [Read more]

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day dedicated to ending the hesitation around menstruation Worldwide, 2015: "Lets end the hesitation around menstruation" are the words that will be heard across the world on the second annual Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May 2015. This will be celebrated every 28th May. Go to to find out more.

Wanna participate? Use #MenstruationMatters #MHDay on your social media.

This is my friend Violeta sitting in Alchemy in Ubud. You can take a picture with this sign Download it ... [Read more]

Uttara Vasti - Ayurvedic yoni decoction recipe

This article is an excerpt from a book that I found interesting. This is different approach to vagina health and you'll find down below ayurvedic recipes on how to make your own Uttara Vasti.

Women's Power to Heal: Through Inner Medicine, by Maya Tiwari. Synopsis: "Women have absolute power within themselves to heal. A living testament to the healing efficacity of her teachings, Maya Tiwari freed herself from "terminal" ovarian cancer at the age of 23. More than 25 years later she shares the healing wisdom that literally saved her life. T

... [Read more]

Is This Menopause?

If you are asking this question, then you are most likely between 45-50 years of age and you have noticed some changes in your menstrual cycle pattern and emotions. The medical definition of menopause is the cessation of menstrual periods and therefore, can only be diagnosed in retrospect.

A general rule of thumb is that if you are over 45 years of age and have not had a period for 12 months, they are probably finished. Most Australian women reach menopause between the age of 45-55 years, with the average age being 51 years. However, there is considerable variation and some women may reach menopause in their early 40?s, whilst others will continue to menstruate until their late 50?s.

A long term study of Australian women called The Melbourne Womens Midlife Health Study, tracked over 400 women through this phase. They found that if you have had at least 3 months without menstruating, then your last period will probably come within

... [Read more]